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This is the Art Section of my site, where you can view art that I Made. Drawing is something I Enjoy doing, and has always been for the entirety of my life. I Try to improve as I Draw more. There are different styles that I Draw in, but the Fake 3D style is the main one.

Please credit me as 'memorisleep' if you are using my art. Don't claim my art as yours.

art info - faq

Q - "what art program do you use to draw?"
A - The art program that I Use to draw is Ibis Paint X. Preferrably on mobile. Though I'll Specify if it's something else.

Q - "what brushes do you use to draw?"
A - In Ibis Paint X, I Only use the Felt Tip Hard Pen at 1.0 size for the Fake 3D styled drawings. Other brushes for my other art include Genius Pen, Acrylic Mix Brush, Digital Pen, Lace Pen and others.

Q - "how do you get that paper-like texture in your art?"
A - I Simply search up images of anything along the lines of Fabric, Paper, or Cloth. I Put it above all the other layers of a drawing with a blending filter. Typically Linear Burn or Overlay, or something else

Q - "are commissions open? do you do commissions?
A - Unfortunately, they are not open. Nor have I ever done any.

Q - "will you ever make a speedpaint on your drawings?
A - It might take a while.

Q - "what inspired your art style?"
A - ZUN's music played as an inspiration for the Fake 3D style I draw in. Nowadays I Get inspired by many things.

Q - "do you do art trades?"
A - I Do Art Trades. Maybe not as often though. I Can be slow.