deemo is a rhythm video game developed by rayark and released in november 13th, 2013. you can play from 400+ songs in 3 difficulties with some having an extra level

deemo is notable for its story, music, and characters. it focuses on a little girl named alice who is seen at the beginning of the game. she falls from a trapdoor and then meets a mysterious figure named deemo. the two become friends, and deemo helps alice so that she could reach back to her original world. the rest of the story would be spoilers, so play the game if you want to know the rest!!!

this game has been a long-time interest of mine circa 2015...i have now decided to make a page dedicated to it!!! the first time i might've known about this game was through a roblox game called shareyourcups' lair... the music playing in that game was called "pure white" which i really loved and discovered it was from deemo, and i started to listen to a few more songs from it!!! saika, myosotis, magnolia and pure white were the only ones i listened to though...i never got to play the game but i still managed to enjoy it nonetheless. until 2022 i played the game for the first time in forever and i really loved it :D this game is one of my favorite games ever and the story still makes me really sad. my favorite character is deemo but i might've liked alice when i was younger!!!

below is a list of my favorite songs from deemo!!! that's also why i love the game so much :D (click to link)

Dream - Reflection (Mirror Night) - Utopiosphere - Reverse - Parallel Universe - Saika - Invite - Pulses - Untitled2 - Sairai - Entrance - Magnolia - Suspenseful Third Day - Sakura iro no yume - La Promesse - ANiMA - Fluquor - Myosotis - Altale - Nightfall - A Little Servant - Alice good night - Deemo Goodbye - Aragami - Parodia Sonatina Var.II -Marigold - kouyou - Paper Plane's Adventure - Pure White - Future World - Knight of Firmanent - Holy Knight - Pilot - I Race the Dawn - Moon without the stars

graphics are from Deemo. art done by Siyouko