Touhou Project Shrine


Touhou Project...What is it?

touhou project is a series of bullet hell shoot em up games created by zun. zun is mainly the independent developer for these games, as he does the writing, music, art, script, etc. of 18 mainline games and 6 spin-offs (which some are fighting games!!!)
touhou is most notable as a prominent source of japanese doujin content, spawning a vast body of fan work such as artwork, music, writing, video games, and internet memes. it has gained a cult following even outside of places like japan

Touhou and What it Means To Me

i've liked touhou for a couple of years, since 2020, and there's a lot of things about it that really stand out to me!!! one of the things is the music, which i really love. zun's music has become an inspiration to me for my art and many other things. i also really like the characters and their designs!!! they're one of my favorite subjects to draw and i don't know where i'd be without them... touhou is an overall enjoyable piece of work in my opinion

Favorite Things About Touhou

my most favorite characters would be yuuka kazami, alice margatroid, and medicine melancholy...!
i really love the PC-98 era of touhou and i find it to be underrated!!! it has cool characters and amazing art and music, my favorite game is lotus land story!!!
my favorite games from the windows part of touhou are eosd, pcb and ufo!!! mostly because of the characters and music
i really like dolls in pseudo paradise as i mentioned before!!! it's my most favorite album from zun, i really like the style of eosd and dipp music, and all the songs in the album are really good. i also love jacketko and labelko, they're some of my favorite touhou characters as well!!!
i like zun's art a lot!!! something about them have a charm to it and are really nice...! i've always enjoyed it

List of my Favorite Touhou Songs