Yume Nikki Shrine

yume nikki is a surrealistic video game created by the mysterious Japanese developer KIKIYAMA, released on june 26, 2004 on the RPG maker 2003 engine. you control a girl named madotsuki, where she cannot open the door and instead explore her dreams by sleeping on the bed. throughout her dreams you encounter many strange characters and sights, also finding things called "effects" which alter the appearance of madotsuki (a total of 24 needed for the ending)
this game is shrouded in mystery as not many know too much about the game or the meaning of it, leading to an endless amount of theories and reached a following, and also inspired many other fangames to be created such as 2kki or .flow!!!

my first time playing yume nikki was an amazing experience, which was around somewhere late 2019, even if i played it online while it was laggy... it was on my sister's laptop but i had fun anyway!!! later i was able to play it more refreshingly and i still loved it a lot and made an impact on my life..!!! people see this game to be a "horror game", but personally i disagree, even though i could see why!!!
i really really love yume nikki fangames!!! my most favorites would be 2kki, lcd dem, yuque, nostAlgic and yume kayoi, i think they're all wonderful games on their own...!!!

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graphics belong to KIKIYAMA